Thursday, October 15, 2009


Well, I'm off to Romania again.

This time for a staff development week.  We are having our entire missionary staff come together for several weeks.  There are special speakers, seminars, and lots of fun things planned too.

I can't go into details since its still a surprise for our staff what all is happening- but I've been planning this for months and am excited to see things all come together.

I'll get there a few days early and am looking forward to visiting out at the orphanage.  I love come back to the orphanage and seeing the kids.  Its kind of funny, but I feel like things are  good when I come back to visit and the kids aren't totally shocked.  They expect me to come back and see them.  They are still excited- but its like they realize that I'm not just a face they get to see once and then that's it.  It also shows how good of a job our staff is doing that the kids aren't completely deprived of individual attention.

I'm also looking forward to meeting our new Transition House residents.  There are 4 girls and 6 boys.  I'm not sure if I'll get to see the boys, but I am  definitely planning a trip out to the village to the Girls' House.  After spending an entire summer living at the GTH, it still kind of feels like a second home.  And its been over 3 years!  But I still know where they keep the coffee filters and feel the urge to water the roses or pet the dogs.

Speaking of dogs, Nora is in charge while I'm away.  Mr. Incredible has his new job to worry about so Nora is picking up the slack on  house work and making dinner.

So I'll post more as I get there... or follow my Travel Tweets!

Up and Away!


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