Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love butternut squash...

...I picked up a couple beautiful butternuts from a farm on my way home from work. The farm grows pumpkins, winter squash, tomatoes...

...they have a trailer parked out by the road with all the veggies and good- plus some homemade jams, flower seed mixes, and the occasional zucchini loaf.  Everything is farm fresh, pesticide free, and the best part is the honor-system method of picking and paying- you pick your veggies and put your cash in the bucket!

...I bought a couple butternut squash.  And mashed one up into a butternut gnocchi- yum!

I still have one hanging around my kitchen- look at those curves...

...and that cute little stem!

...and I don't really know what to say...its going to be hard to mash him up now!


1 comment:

  1. Oh, I LOVE butternut squash! :) I have one sitting on my counter at home too!