Friday, November 6, 2009

Miles to Myles

When I was in college I was blessed with a group of close friends.  We were all majoring in music, took most of the same classes, and enjoyed many Starbuck's breaks during our four years of undergrad.  We laughed, cried, studied, and scarfed cafeteria food together.  As we've 'grown-up' we've stayed in each other's lives and have experienced many milestones together.

Today, I got to meet my dear friend's new baby for the first time.  She's the first of our group to have a kid- so naturally, this was a big milestone!

I brought the camera- ready to capture our group's first baby... when I got there, we cooed over him- admired his pink cheeks and spiky hair. His bright blue eyes gleamed at his mama and he hardly made a peep while my friend and I got a chance to catch up.

And catch up we did- we talked and laughed and had such a good time I totally forgot to get my camera out of the bag...

As I was driving home I realized this sad fact.  So to make up, I took pictures of the wonderful sights on the freeway.

I do believe the little guy and I will have to have another date with my Nikon... soon!


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