Tuesday, September 7, 2010

another dog post

Its been awhile dear blog friends!  Mr. Incredible and I have been kind of busy, kind of trying to get back into a routine after all the summer fun.  We've had some interesting moments- talk of a new job, major life changes, and then ultimately a little let-down, but we're still here, still 'chuggin' away' at life as we know it.

Since this has been both an eventful and uneventful last couple of weeks, I've turned to what I always turn to- photos of Nora!

She's almost two now and has been honing her skills as a Dock Diving Dog!

Her partners in crime for this last weekend, Cody and Molly, joined in on the fun:

Wait for the ball, launch off the dock:

Extend through the air:


Some of the dogs were more committed than others to the game:

Namely Molly and Nora:

While others (Cody) were perfectly happy to watch from the docks:

Hope you're holiday weekend was wonderful- wether you spent it flying through the air or sitting back and watching the show!


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