Tuesday, September 21, 2010

old stuff

I just finished watching the first episode of American Pickers- a History Channel show about two guys and truck who go through barns, garages, and back yards looking for rusty junk that they buy cheap and then resell for a lot of money.   I was turned on to this show after a trip last weekend to the San Diego famous Kobey's Swap Meet.  I picked up a few choice items from the Swap Meet, but also from a few less conventional places...

I've been looking forward to sharing some of these 'treasures' here with you all... until I watched another tv show- Hoarders.  Suddenly my vintage finds and rusty treasures looked a little, well, dusty, old, and cluttered... However, you all will be happy to know that I overcame my Hoader-induced panic and after I took out all the trash from the house and put a few things away that I had been procrastinating on, I am now back to embracing my thrifty finds and looking forward to fixing/restoring/and otherwise enjoying said objects.

Here's what I got!

Copper kerosene ship lantern... I bought it for $5 from a garage sale guy at the swap meet.

A box of twin-lens reflex cameras!  There are several cameras- a Yashica, a couple Mamiyas, and a pair of Rollis!

Not sure if they work... to be determined... grand total: free!  (or a lifetime of servitude to the person who brought these babies into my life!)

Leather cowboy boots... IN MY SIZE!!!!  The leather is in in beautiful condition...

But they were just a little stiff... so after spending the night in the freezer with bags of water in them to stretch a little, I think they'll work!

Hello Beautiful!  Grand total: $0!  Again, another unconventional find... from a bag of clothes destined to the second hand shop.

And finally, sitting inconspicuously at the end of a table piled with junk, this baby:

Its a fullsized wooden trunk with metal detailing:

And this great paint job on the inside:

And I paid a total of ten bucks for it!  Major score!!!

Hope this isn't the start of horrible downhill slide to hoarder-dom!  At least I'll have cool boots to show for it!


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