Friday, September 24, 2010


Warning: This post is all about fabric.  And finding really good deals.  But I know this is absolutely NOT interesting to some people.  My heartfelt apologies :)

Last week I ventured into LA's famous fashion district.  We wandered through tightly packed little shops and stalls, taking in the plethora of patterns, textures, and cheap prices!  One of my favorite shops appeared to be a tiny stall along Olympic Blvd.  As we wandered inside, through piles of cheap polyester and stretch knit, we discovered the shop was actually the entire length of the building!  And the best part- nearly everything was $1.99/yard!  At the back of the shop there was every kind of trim, ribbon, elastic, and notion you could imagine!

We also made it to the immense Michael Levine store (also home to one of the only public restrooms in the whole neighborhood!).  We perused all the amazing fabrics but the real deals were found across the street, upstairs in the Michael Levine Loft.  This bare-floored room is comprised of giant boxes stacked on the floor filled with random shapes and sizes of all kinds of material.  You get to dig through the boxes and stack up your finds on the counter- where they sell fabric by the pound!  I believe it was $2 a pound... so fun!  Here's some of my stash from the day!

I came home with over 10 yards of different fabric and huge roll of black elastic for under $20.  We didn't even get to half of the shops and I already have a list of things to go back for... so... who wants to be my fabric friend and make the trip with me????

I also found some great deals closer to home...

It looks a little neutral for me I know but look at this interesting sweater-y material (anyone know what this is called? Or how to sew it?):

And some stripes:

And the best part?

$5 per bolt!!  There is supposedly about 5 yards on each bolt... $1/yard!!  And where did I find this stellar deal??  The Walmart of course!  I didn't know they did this, but our Walmart cleared out a bunch of fabric by marking it down and stashing it in bins... I happened to be wandering the brightly lit hallways of The Walmart late at night and discovered this.  Now, granted, there was a lot of stretchy, out of date polyester in those bins, but a few treasures in there as well...

Ok... that ends my fabric-deal-random post... enjoy... or not... or email me if you want to head up to the Fashion District with me!


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  1. I want to be your friend who goes up with you next time..please?? I'm serious... =)