Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fruit Update- holy zucchini!

Isn't that the craziest zucchini you've ever seen?

I was looking over our baby-fruit-size-chart for this week and was dismayed to see the cantaloupe making a reappearance... this time for weight instead of length.  Determined to find a unique fruit/veggie representation of our baby (poor kid when he reads this in 10 year) I started thinking about my options...

Q: What's 18 inches long, weighs almost five pounds and is available in the produce aisle of your grocery store?

A: Not much!

What was I to do?  Venture into the meat section (5 lb roast anyone?)?  Resort to packaged food (sack of flour?)?  I happened to be taking a stroll through my mom's vegetable garden, pondering all things fruit and baby related when Lo and Behold- this mother of a zucchini I spied, hidden underneath the broad leaves and yellow flowers of the plant.  At first I was doubtful- could it actually be 18 inches long?  And five pounds?  Am I imagining ginormous veggies as a result of pregnancy?  After a quick trip to my purse to nab my handy tape measure (yes, I carry a tape measure in my purse- I use it everywhere!  And its fun to whip it out at the grocery story and measure ears of corn and mini watermelon... I ALWAYS get a produce guy asking if they can help me) I was soon snipping my prize veggie from the vine and heading off to find my camera.  What luck!  And now we can eat nothing but zucchini for a whole week!

Baby Stats (in case you wanted to skip the above saga and just get to the details):

  • Nearly 18 inches- head to heel (thankfully he stays curled up and much more compact!)
  • Just under 5 lbs (unfortunately there's nothing he can do to feel less heavy)
  • Gaining FAT everyday (lucky dog... unfortunately, so is his mama, but she just gets a lecture from the nurses while he'll get oohed and ahhed at in all his chubby glory)
So there you go... baby's still here and getting bigger everyday.  I've definitely moved into the aches and pains of pregnancy- apparently they didn't get the memo during the first and second trimester so the sore back muscles, stretching ribs, and Charley Horses in the middle of the night have come with a vengeance.  I know I can't complain since really this has been an easy time overall with lots of sweet moments with friends and family (once I got over the initial few months of absolute terror).  Mr. Incredible and I were watching our baby move around last night... watching... as in he was moving around with enough force to jab my stomach around.  I could poke him with my hand and he would either kick back (definitely have to curb that behavior out of utero) or scoot over. (I think Mr. I was a little protective of his unborn son since he made me stop 'bugging the baby.'  Does he have ANY idea how much the baby has bugged me the past few months?  Apparently another moot point...)  So again, we're still hanging in there, and pretty much enjoying the ride... would just like to skip the charley horses!



  1. That is a beastly zucchini. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  2. It IS an adventure! And you really should see this zucchini in person... I keep hiding it around the house for Austin to 'discover'- like under his pillow and on the couch...