Thursday, March 15, 2012

Corbin's Picks

Well, if Obama can make NCAA picks for March Madness, then my almost 8 month old son surely can too! (If you recall Nora filled out a bracket last year.)  So here we go:

Corbin was given 2 puffs, representing a higher and lower ranked team:

Mr. Incredible carefully monitored Corbin's picks while I recorded:

 Sometimes he had a hard time choosing a team and would grab both puffs.

Corbin seemed to favor Catholic schools...except for Notre Dame (sorry Bryan!).

After awhile we realized he was eating a lot of puffs...

So we switched to spoons and that worked ok.

Here's Corbin's completed bracket.  Mr. Incredible is more convinced that Corbin's sport will be baseball since he chose New Mexico to win but we will see!


  1. I realized I couldn't get a shoutout and not comment! Don't worry though, I bet this is just Corbin's way of hedging his bets with what is the start of a lifetime of disappointing ND fandom. He probably learned his lessons watching the football team during his early months.

  2. Hmmm... not sure if Corbin's daddy would approve of him being included in the ranks of ND fans! Its bad enough he's already going to be a Padre fan- isn't that enough heart break for one little boy?