Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hello long lost blog...

Its been awhile... I fell like I've been cheating on you a little.  But I can explain.  In a very round-about, rambling way (as per usual!).

So first off, the realization that I turn 30 next year struck me recently.  I decided to make a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30... for a little motivation to get some things done or step out and take a risk that I've conveniently avoided for a long time.  But so far I've only come up with 10 things.  So hopefully I'll fill in the rest sooner rather than later and I'll actually get to all those. (but even if I don't, if I can get to some of them then I'll still be happy...or something like that)

So here's the list thus far:

30 by 30

1. start a business
2. host a dinner party
3. paint/refashion shoes
4. photograph and hang big family portrait
5. pack up Corbin's baby box
6. establish a house cleaning schedule
7. attend food truck from multiple trucks
8. crochet something other than a hat
9. take a class
10. go to Romania with Corbin (or purchase tickets to go to Romania with Corbin)

That's what I got so far.  More to come.  I promise!  And actually I already get to cross one off- numero uno- Start a Business.  Here's where I get to the cheating on the blog thing.  Since November, I've been working on launching a photography business (and if you read through all my recent posts, you'll see my subtle (ha!) (parenthesis within a parenthesis within a parenthesis-double ha!) attempts at 'advertising.')  And I did it!  I navigated the State of California and County of San Diego and all the other local government agencies that require paperwork, fees, and more paperwork to legally conduct business and I've been pretty busy for the last few weeks taking family and baby portraits, mostly for friends, but, hey- its a start!  (If you'd like to check out my *new* website, go to  And yes, my business is called Christmas Tree Face Photography!

So that's where I've been... on the inter-not for the last few weeks.  Instead of blogging to my heart's content, I've been designing a website, editing photos, dealing with government websites, more editing... fun!

But I'll be back here still, giving you your regular dose of Corbin-cuteness and Anna-weirdness.  And you can always keep up with the day to day weirdness by following my on Instagram (@christmastreeface)!

Stay tuned for more excitement!

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