Monday, February 11, 2013

chasing afternoon sunshine- photo tips

After a rainy weekend, we enjoyed some time out in the backyard before sunset.  Corbin-o was just happy to be outside and played along with an impromptu photo shoot while I took advantage of the 'golden hour' for photographers.  

All these photos were taken in about 30 minutes in the same location.  By changing our position, we were able to use the natural sunlight to change the look of the photos.  Here's what we did:

These few shots were taken in full shade.  We have a 6 foot tall fence that filters sunlight quite nicely in the late afternoon.  Corbin's face is pretty evenly lit but we used the natural shadow from the tree to shade the left side.

This one was in full sun.  Corbin sat on top of our picnic table and the sun lit up his whole face/body.  I shot from down low to get a better background and to get different expressions from Corbin.  I've noticed that when I'm shooting little kids, they will interact with me (and take better photographs) if I'm willing to lay on the grass, stoop down, climb up over them, etc.  Not only does it compose the photos in an interesting way, it usually gives me great natural expressions and smiles.

Next we sat on the bench with bright sun light coming straight from the west.  It was a little later in the day so the sun was getting close to setting.  Still bright enough for great light but not the harsh light you get at midday. 

By turning his face, we were able to get that backlit 'glow' in his wispy baby hair.  We could have actually accomplished this a little better had we turned his back to the sun a little more (and if we had a slightly more willing model- hehe).

That was about all Corbin-o could handle cooperation-wise. So we had a swing time with Dada (or Da-Dee as Corbin has started calling him).  

High five!


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