Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Adventures: The World Famous San Diego Zoo

Did you know that's the official title?  "The World Famous San Diego Zoo."  According to our GPS at least...

We went on a family adventure to the zoo this weekend.  It was beautiful San Diego weather and despite being kinda crowded, we all had a fun time.  This was Corbin's first time really recognizing and interacting with the animals so that made it even better.

First stop was through all the monkey enclosures.  Corbin 'ooh oohed' along with them all!

You can't tell they're related- can you?

We also visited the Children's Zoo and let Corbin run wild with the most exotic of creatures:

Corbin calls them 'Dotes.'

It took him a little while to warm up to the 'Dotes' but once he did, he tried feeding them 'dit' (translate: dirt) and was quite happy with himself.

(btw- Dotes don't eat dit)

I should pause and take a minute to point out the most perfect article of clothing that could ever possibly be created for my son.

That's a grey fedora with CARS on it.  He loooooves his new hat and is very particular about when it can be taken on and off. (off in the car, on in the stroller and when he's playing...etc, etc)

We visited a few other animals, had lunch on the corner of the zoo where the tour buses drive by, and then headed home for a nice long afternoon nap (yay!).

This was Corbin-o-s preferred mode of transportation while at the zoo:

More zoo trips in our future for sure!

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