Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Last weekend we enjoyed the company of some dear friends.  The kind of friends that you tell your kid to call 'auntie' and her kids are 'cousins' even though they really aren't.  I think every kid should have some honorary aunties and cousins in their lives! (especially if 'real' cousins may be a long time off...hint hint Mandy!)  Corbin met his 'cousin' Colin (and eventually big brother Myles) when he was only 1 week old (Colin was 3 weeks old).  I found their photos from the last (almost) two years... amazing changes in such a short time!

August 2011

August 2012

April 2013

These boys... well they had a LOT of fun this weekend and definitely wore their parents out but I'm so happy to help create memories for Corbin-o... even if he only remembers them from photos.  

Each morning this week, Corbin pushes a chair up to the window in our kitchen to look for 'Call-din' and 'Smile.'  I think we'll have to plan a visit soon :)

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