Sunday, April 14, 2013

Never again... until next time.

I had my first 'never again' moment as a parent... and I knew full well that I would definitely have to do 'it' again in the near future.  'It' was taking Corbin for his first hair cut... first of many unless he develops early male patterned baldness or we decide to let him grow a pony tail.

I thought we did everything right.  We talked about getting a hair cut.  We went to a special kid hair cutting place (with a castle! and cartoons! and toys!).  First he refused to sit in the chair by himself.  "No big deal, " I told myself, lots of kids sit in their parent's lap for their hair cuts.  Then he freaked out when they tried to put the cute, kid-sized cape on him.  Then he started crying, writhing, and generally throwing a big fit when the lady pulled out the scissors.  Hair cutting lady was extremely persistent (note: not patient... just persistent) and somehow managed to snip off his mullet (Mr. Incredible insisted the 'business in front, party in the back' hair style had to go), trim around his ears, and clip the front too.  

All the while, Corbin continued to writhe and scream in a very, very desperate little boy voice, "Mama! Noooo! Hair! Mama!"  

There was so much writhing that I'm pretty sure the hair cutting lady cut my hair- or at least I heard the snip next to my ear and when I looked up at her in horror, she just stared right back at me with her mouth forming a little 'o' and her eyes the size of saucers.

We finally called it quits and Corbin was rewarded with a Tootsie Pop while I was given a little baggy full of his baby hair... which is cute only to parents and maybe grandparents but its a pretty nasty concept for anyone else (bag of hair... like something you'd find buried in a hoarders house).  By the way, after giving him the sucker, Corbin sat completely still and sucked that thing like his life depended on it.  I suggested (as un-snarkily as possible) that next time, hair cutting lady starts with the Tootsie Pop.

We had to sit in the car for a bit, recovering from the ordeal- Corbin turning into a sticky mess and me practicing my yoga breaths.  That was about the time I made my 'never again' statement, followed quickly by the horrible realization that we had many, many more haircuts in our future, as well as dentist appointments and other acts of child cruelty.

So what check out the Bean's new do...

sticky, dirty face from consolation Tootsie Pop

still a blondie

not a baby anymore (sob!)

look who got a haircut!

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