Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old Poway Park

This weekend we (finally) took Corbin-o to the nearby Old Poway Park to ride the train.  Mr. Incredible's parents were in town so we thought it'd be a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  It turned out that it was a great way to spend an afternoon... especially if you have a train-obsessed child in your care!

We were fortunate to catch the train on a weekend when the actual Steam Locomotive was running so it was very cool.

It is a Baldwin Steam Engine built in 1907 (for the train-enthusiasts out there).  With real steam!

The railroad is run by volunteers that get very into their roles as conductors, engineers, ticket takers, etc, etc.

The Poway Midland Railroad runs every weekend February-November.  Old Poway Park also puts on a Train Days Festival with music, kids' activities, and train robbers.  We might have to check that out!

Do you have a favorite park or play place that your family loves?

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