Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Curations

This is my attempt to blog a little more frequently.  We'll see if I stick to Sundays, but for now we're going with it.

This week was a doozy.  Nothing major, but lots of little things that kind of wiped me out.  My favorite two year old figured out all the things that drive me crazy and then proceeded to do them in increasing amounts throughout the week.  He also skipped naps several days in a row and that made life even more 'fun.'  Leo decided to act like he was teething (but no teeth yet) and had a miserable night that coincided with Mr. Incredible being unexpectedly out of town one night for work.  And then we all woke up (Leo at 3am, Corbin at 6am, and Mr. Incredible much later) with colds that derailed our Sunday.  So in light of all this 'fun,' I've decided a little look back at the nicer moments of the week and other things I find interesting might go a long way in making this coming week a little better than last.

1. Corbin-o has an imaginary enemy.  His name is Buster and he's a monster that does bad things to Corbin… like knocking his toys off the table or tripping Corbin when he's running down the hallway.  At first I thought Corbin was talking about a real person that was picking on him at church but we don't know any Busters and we overheard Corbin yelling at him while playing by himself in his room.  Its amusing… and creepy.  Like exorcism creepy.  But all kids do this- right?

2. I'm not sure if this is part of the teething stage or just the 'I'm a baby and put everything in my mouth' stage but Leo has become obsessed with my phone and as a result has gotten quite good at taking selfies.  Sometimes I make it in the background too.  Here's one of his latests:

3. We've enjoyed walks and bike rides to the park nearly everyday this week.  Corbin is getting better at his balance bike (like we actually make it to the park and home without me carrying the thing) and its been a good little outing to burn off some energy.  Watching him scale the play structures or fly down the slides reminds me of those commercials playing right now during the Olympics where they show an athlete and then rewind through their life as they are training as kids, learning to skate or ski, all the way to taking first steps.  Am I witnessing first steps towards an Olympic medal someday?  Probably not since he seems to have inherited my grace and coordination but its fun to think about.

4. I've started going through my craft room and organizing/purging.  Since before Christmas its been a disaster area- wrapping presents, making gifts, stashing random stuff that doesn't have a home.  But seeing an entire box devoted to sketch books or a collection of neatly labeled 'sticky stuff' does make me smile.

5. Arlo Guthrie- anyone know who that is?  "You can get anything you want, at Alice's restaurant…" does that help?  Mr. Incredible grew up on Arlo Guthrie… his parent's were big fans.  I overheard Corbin and Mr. Incredible getting ready for bed singing Alice's Restaurant.  Interesting legacy to pass along I guess.  Now we're on to the pickle song… go ahead and look it up on youtube… you'll be amazed that someone could base their career off of a song about a pickle.

6. Speaking of Mr. Incredible's parents- they're on an amazing adventure in an old van called the General through South America.  They've been to some amazing places- beautiful cathedrals, butterfly reserves, ruins haunted by howler monkeys.  We're following their adventures here.

7. These might be the coolest thing ever.  Corbin was a fan anyway.  I'm not a milk drinker so I'm trying to think what else you could use these with… any suggestions?

8.  I needed to read this post this week.

9. I think I needed one of these this week too!

10. I love reading this blogger and the little glimpses she shares into her life.  I love her heart here.

I'll leave you with a picture of Corbin, fending for himself while Mr. Incredible suffered through a morning of colds.  Pop tarts are a kid's best friend!  Have a great week!


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