Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Curations

Some things recently enjoyed:


a petite chocolate cake enjoyed after dinner for no particular occasion.

2. Our Valentine's Soirée.

Our tradition of a fancy dinner at home was expanded to include a few friends and kiddos of course.  On the menu: Orange baked brie, caesar salad wedge, oven-roasted beef tenderloin, green beans amandine, herbed- buttered ciabata, and a variety of sweet desserts.  And delicious wine.  But I'm not a wine person so I can't tell you more than that.  Kid's Menu: milk en sippy cup, heart-shaped mini cheese pizzas, and a few green beans too.

We moved dinner outside this year since we've been experiencing 80 degree days and mild nights.

3. Leo update.  He's eating!  Everything he can fit in his mouth, which makes his life hazardous right now but also exciting.  

So far he loves avocado, black beans, banana, apples, sweet potato, cheerios, any type of citrus (he's not supposed to eat that yet though).  He doesn't like green beans.  

And he does this now:

4.  This family of five (!) lives in less than 700 sq ft.  And its beautiful.  There's something soooo appealing about the simplicity and lack of clutter of their lifestyle.

5. Here's the tenderloin recipe we made for V-day.  Heaven on a fork.

6. More serious- this is what I've been thinking about during the Olympics.  There's been lots of things to criticize Russia for- lack of yogurt, treatment of stray dogs, conditions of the bathrooms.  But this, this really matters.

7. I live with a pair of clones.  One is a little smaller than the other but they act, speak, think the same... and its all very different than the way I do/speak/think.  But I love them anyway.  And life is good (but I hope Leo is a little bit like me- just for fairness sake!).

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