Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunday Curations

...on Monday...again...

Some recent activities, excursions, and enjoyments:

1. Corbin-o has gradually become more and more perceptive to all things in the background of life.  Like songs on the radio, faces in a crowd, conversations overheard.  Songs on the radio has been a favorite while conversations overheard has been a little more annoying.  Its not uncommon for the Bean to quip from the backseat of the car, "That's my favorite song!" And then begin to do his 'car dance.'  A recent favorite- the Happy Song from Despicable Me.  Here we are rocking out:

2. Random rant/conundrum of the day: Pharrell Williams... love him or hate him?  Like I said above, we love the Happy Song, the music video is adorable, its great.  But I hate his other two big hits.  I immediately change the radio when they come on and would gladly inform anyone willing to listen why I think "Blurred Lines" is the worst message to be sending to teenagers-or anyone- ever.  Normally I would avoid supporting an artist (i.e. liking his other music) because of his horrible message from his previous work.  But here I am, letting my two year old dance around the house to Happy. Maybe this is a phenomenon unique to our world today- you can present one public message and simultaneously do the exact opposite.  Or at least appeal to people from two completely different sectors without losing one side... or do people spurn Pharrell regardless of his Happy Song because of his other songs and I'm just unaware of it all?  I would also think our society and its craving for authenticity would reject such an artist...

ok, rant over...

4. We have a great Farmer's Market on Saturdays.  The Bean and I went this weekend.  This is his 'farmer's hat.'

3. Spring is here!

Although we barely had a winter this year.  Maybe rain this weekend?

4. The Olympics is over.  We watched the figure skating, snowboarding, and a little skiing and short track.  Probably like most Americans.  I loved these old photos of winter Olympics past though!

5. Mr. Incredible and I took a right/left brain quiz this week.  I suspected that he would be all left (logic, systems, order) and I'd be all right (creativity, arts, chaos) but we actually both came out 50/50! (at least according to this quiz) Take it for yourself and see what results you get!

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  1. I'm 78% left brained. Ha! No surprises there. :)

    Love your blog. And your pictures. And you!