Sunday, May 17, 2009

the bane of my existence!

Mr. Incredible often mutters this phrase at inanimate objects- usually while he's fixing something around the house or yard. 

So I've started a list of things that are 'the bane of his existence.'

Crane flys- these BIG bugs swoop into our house at night.  They don't bite or even make noise but they fly around and land on the walls.  Mr. Incredible spends time each night walking around with one shoe on his foot and the other in his hand, smashing them.  Yuck.

Dallisgrass- this weed is suppose to only grow in the southern US... but it grows in our yard.  Austin has poisoned, roto-tilled, dug up, etc but it still prevails.  He has also dug up a big one and brought to our local garden shop to ask for advice.  (The advice was- "those things don't grow here."  Thanks.)

Austin hates the vacuum.  He leaves the house if he can when I use it.  Big baby.

This little screw driver has been the subject of many curses, words of frustration, and hours of time lost.  Mr. Incredible uses it when he's jerry-rigging his fish tank.  On more than one occasion, the little screwdriver rolls away- either under the tank or into the center of the room... or Mr. Incredible misplaces it.  That's when the curses and hours of searching for it takes place.

These are my slippers.  I always kick them off in the middle of the closet.  Mr. Incredible thinks they need to be left somewhere else... like with the other shoes.  It took me a long time to figure out what he was muttering about every morning in the closet.

And finally- our trash can.  Mr. Incredible ALWAYS mutters whenever he has to wrestle the trash out to the curb...

I'll try to keep the list going- I think its helpful to our marriage to track the various items that are the 'bane of his existence' and make sure that I'm not on that list!


  1. Haha, I love this, cousin! Poor Austin has it rough, doesn't he?

  2. Reading this makes me realize how much I miss you guys!!!!! Tell Austin our cats don't like the vaccum either...hehehehehehe!!!