Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hai Romania!

Made it to Romania- yippee (still not enough sleep to merit a decent blog entry)! Was able to sleep hard on the last 2-hour flight and then stumble blindly through customs and passport control. All the luggage made it too... we think. One of our plastic bins was demolished somewhere during its travels and arrived to us with a huge hole in the bottom... so we think everything made it but its possible something fell out. Nothing we've missed so far.

Sooo... our team arrives on Monday. The next few days are preparation and cleaning up for the group... although things around the H2H Team House look fabulous, thanks to the hard work of our staff. We'll probably make a big shopping trip for food and supplies and wrap a few logistical loose ends. Be praying for the team and that all of their luggage makes it! (instruments, supplies, etc)

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