Monday, May 11, 2009

Realized Dreams...

We spent the weekend away at Incredible's parent's place in Mexico.  They have a house built on the Rio Hardy and enjoy wake boarding, jet skiing, and celebrating happy hour each day.  

We decided we needed a weekend of this life style and packed up the dog and some sunscreen and headed south of the border.  While the relaxation, happy hours, and company were great, the highlight for me was having one of my life-long dreams realized before my very eyes.  

After very little coaxing, it became clear that my Nora Nora is a water dog.

And not just a swimming- water dog. 

But a run- and- jump- off- the- end- of- the- dock- after- a- tennis- ball- water dog.

My heart welled with pride as Nora launched into the water time after time.  All my life I wanted a water dog... one that would not only swim, but chase the hose and attack the sprinklers.  Well I've finally got my wish.  Diving Dog Competition- here we come!

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  1. She is so funny... I'm glad you have your waterdog!