Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gone but not forgotten

I've been away from technology... really away. We were living in a village (dirt roads, horse and buggies, etc) for the last few days in the south of Romania. At least by night we were in the village. By day we were all over the town of Rosiori de Vede, playing music for orphans and running around like chickens with our heads cut off. And it was so much fun!

I will post more about our adventures (and misadventures) once I retrieve my head and start to put all the events of the last few days in to some sort of order. Until then, I'll give you a shopping list of some of the things that happened:

-I played a lot of music- and it was great!
-I cooked lunch and dinner for 20 people on my own... and no one got sick (that I know of)
-We got in a car accident- which was scary.
-We overtook a Romanian Baptist church and turned it into a giant game room for orphans and village kids... and we didn't get in trouble (that I know of)
-We loved God and loved lots of kids.

Pictures and stories to come... but just a teaser to let you know I still exist... and blog and all that.


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  1. Hi Anna, I wanted to tell you about something totally random and off the subject, but I was thinking about Nora being a water dog and I looked into Wags for Wishes because they have the Splash Dog event. Maybe you guys would want to take Nora to participate? Anyway, we're taking Casper, but just to enjoys the different events. Here is the link just in case you haven't heard about it.