Sunday, May 24, 2009

what I did today

-made a menu to feed 40 + people
-shopped for food for 40 + people (think 3 LARGE home-depot sized shopping carts full)
-loaded the truck completely full of food for 40+ people
-carried and put away food for 40+ people from the truck to the house
-wandered around a Romanian Home Depot store looking for plumbing parts and little screws
-went to Ikea and bought a zillion napkins
-moved boxes of clothing, toys, hygiene, and craft supplies from one spot to another
-cooked and chopped up a lot of meat
-practiced my trumpet
-ate a Snickers bar for dinner and collapsed on the couch

Team comes tomorrow afternoon... Here's what I have to get done before they come:
-make chicken sald for 40 + people
-pre-make potato salad
-slice lunch meat (lots of lunch meat)
-grind many pots-worth of coffee
-vacuum and mop our living room and dining room floors
-check all 8 bathrooms for toilet paper and trash
-bake cookies or something for 40+ people

And that's all before the team arrives around 4... once they get here, I have to help direct people and luggage, haul people and luggage, load/unload vans, get dinner on the table, answer questions, track down missing items, etc... but it will be worth it!

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  1. Hi Anna! Glad to hear that you made it there safely. Please tell me that you have someone helping you with all this stuff! Take care.