Thursday, December 3, 2015

December 3,2015

Little by little we are seeing more of Mila's personality. Today could have been a very difficult day- we had her medical exam with a blood draw behind closed doors- but Mila handled it well and seemed to bounce back from being upset rather quickly. 

We started the day with breakfast- each meal we try new 'liquid' foods for Mila. She came to us only eating formula, rice cereal mixed with formula, and some kind of soup mix. Today she tried and loved strawberry yogurt!  She drinks her bottle and then eats one or two bowls of hot, sweet milk (she can use the extra calories!) and then we try different things. Today the yogurt was a success. With a full tummy, we met our driver to go to the other side of GZ for her medical appointment. It rained today so traffic was slow!  Mila ended up napping in the car which was good since she gets a little carsick in lots of traffic. The medical exam is at a large government run medical clinic in the business part of town. To see a doctor, you must change into these funny sweat suits- solid pink for women and solid blue for men. We felt a little out of place without our sweatsuits!  There are four stages to the medical exam- vitals/ height and weight, ear/nose/throat, physical exam, and blood draw for TB test. The first two were quick- Mila stayed in Austin's lap and decided not to cooperate with the nurses too much. 

The physical exam was with a very kind doctor who clearly had worked with children before. He carefully examined and actually prescribed an antibiotic for her cough/throat (he thinks it may have developed into bronchitis). 

The nurse came for Mila for the blood draw next- parents are not allowed with the children- and she actually convinced Mila to go with her without tears.  A few moments later, Mila wa ushered back to us in the hallway, face red and wet with tears, mouth open in a cry and her little foot stomping on the floor out of anger. Austin scooped her up and she was over it. 

We stopped at a supermarket after the exam for baby wipes and some food punches for Mila to try and then headed back to our hotel. We put Mila down for another nap- she wasn't thrilled but after talking to herself in her bed for a few minutes, she fell asleep. When she was up, we decided it was time for more exploring. It was still raining but I convinced austin to leave the umbrella - in my mind,  a billon people on the already crowded streets with umbrellas just didn't sound like w good idea. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Chinese people have mastered the art of carrying sharp and pointy objects through crowds of people (and sometimes on bicycles!) without anyone losing an eye.  In fact we were very odd looking without an umbrella!  Thankfully our route took us mainly on a covered walking street and then just a short jaunt to the metro station. We took the metro a few stops and found another shopping center with a Carre Four (French walmart). We stopped for a Starbucks to dry off and Mila enjoyed the coffee shop vibe.

After lattes consumed, we did our shopping and bought a stroller to save Austin's back (Mila in the ergo with me is still a no-go sadly). Then we really looked awesome pushing Mila through the puddles and around traffic without our umbrellas to the metro station!

We made it back to our hotel in time for a little dinner at the executive lounge.  They always have soup which is great for our tiny girl- tonight it was bone broth!  She looooooved it and it's so good for her too!  When we gave her a bath tonight her little belly was so full she looked like she had gained a couple pounds!  We let her play a bit and then put her to bed. She had a little trouble falling asleep but enjoyed talking to and playing with a sweet little doll my mom sent with us. (Mom- this doll will have no hair left by the time we get home- hope you can come up with a plan for that as Mila loves stroking the hair until it falls out!)

Throughout the day Mila seemed happier and her personality peeked out. She instigated playing games with Austin and flashed him smiles. She loves her new wheels- and rocks her little body back and forth to make the stroller go faster!  This morning while we were face timing the boys, she perked up a little when Leo came on the screen. Later I found her looking at Corbin and Leo's pictures in the photo album we brought and saying 'ge-ge' (big brother). Or at least that's what it sounded like.  Oh- and she's talking a little bit more- or maybe squeaking more.  She completely understands that we don't speak the same language so she has different sounds she uses to communicate.  

Tomorrow we finally have nothing official happened so we're going shopping!  And maybe to something cultural if the rain isn't too bad. Should be a relaxing day. 

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