Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Thank you everyone who prayed for Mila's sleep- last night was much better with only one instance of crying out. We actually had to wake her up for the day!  

(Noodles, steamed buns (bao), and dragon fruit- breakfast of champions!)

We met our guide and driver and headed to the a Chen Clan Academy for a little sightseeing. It is an older building (not ancient though) that was the residence of an affluent family in Guangzhou. It is very ornate and took four years to complete due to all the intricate carvings throughout. It actually has been blown up and burned down twice (once by the Japanese and once by the Chinese during the cultural revolution) and then pieced back together. Inside the building there are exhibits of Chinese Art- ivory carvings, calligraphy, tea rooms, sculptures as well as gift shops of various kinds. 

We went below the streets to a giant underground shopping area. Throughout the city there are areas of underground shopping and dining that stretch for miles in either direction.  We picked up some more baby food pouches because yay! Mila likes something other than formula! And then headed back to the hotel for a nap. Mila slept for over 3 hours and we finally woke her up!  I'm not sure if she's just over tired or her body is battling that cold or if this is just plain old grieving.  She was not happy about being woken up so we grabbed a few things and headed out for a bit. She started crying and I realized we hadn't heard her cry for a few days (other than the middle of the night stuff). She must have realized it too and made sure to turn on the tears to make up for lost time tonight. First she was upset that I set her on the bed to put her shoes on. Then she was mad that I touched her stroller. Then Austin went around a corner in a store we were shopping in and was cruel enough to leave Mila with me. It was a little rough. And it doesn't help that she goes from the most devastating, sad little girl, no eyes- mouth open- tears, snot, drool face to instantly better as soon as Austin gives her what she wants. We're doing everything we can to show her that we are her people now and for awhile I think that means giving in to her crying and manipulation. It's driving Austin crazy though so you can add that to your prayer request list- that Austin's head doesn't explode from this trust building that goes exactly opposite his parenting style!  Boundaries and obedience will come in time- and probably a little quicker than she's ready for once she's home with her brothers who definitely need boundaries and obedience!  

We shopped a bit back at Shamain Island- found traditional Chinese stuff for the kids and a very small jade bracelet to give to Mila when she is older. Jade is highly prized here and a symbol for wishing someone well. I think I may wear it for her until she's ready for it since it is gorgeous! 

We went to the infamous Lucy's for dinner- I think we were ready for something a little familiar. Burgers and sweet tea were on the menu and that's what we went with. Austin questioned the patty meat choice but overall it was pretty good. It's rather amusing to see what is considered "American" by foreign eyes. The walls of this restaurant were plastered in "American" paraphernalia - mostly license plates (a couple from Mexico but close enough) and old movie poster (Great classics like American Pie 2). 

(Qing Ping Market shop- dried creatures and plants for medicine and tea)

(Walking back - our hotel in the distance.... We're pretty sure that if we stay in China too much longer, one of us will be hit by an electric bike. They don't seem to follow any traffic rules including going the wrong way down one way streets and weaving in and out of crowds of people)

We walked back for the night and did our bedtime routine. We had a sad Mila for a bit but a bath helped. 

Tomorrow is our consulate appointment!  Early- we leave at 7:30 for an 8:30 appointment. We will complete the paperwork to get Mila's visa to come to the U.S.  We will also do an informal ceremony to represent her becoming a U.S. Citizen upon landing in the states. More on that tomorrow- I'm not entirely sure what tomorrow will hold!  Thanks for continuing to pray for us- we feel your prayers daily and see answers to our requests so often. Your Facebook comments, emails, and texts are so wonderful- we love you all... You're our people and soon Mila will realize what a wonderful 'tribe' she's being brought into!

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