Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New... Normal?

Not quite normal yet but starting to get glimpses of what this 'life with three little kids' looks like. Austin is slowly going back in to work- today was a successful test run of him going in for a half day and the house not burning down/kids remaining mostly clothed and happy/and me not locking myself in the bathroom with chocolate or something stronger. Before he left we did a quick run to Target as one happy family (note: only one child climbing on the walls)

Mila is doing better in the car seat- no tears today!  She's eating better (quantity not diversity-still only liquids). After naps, we took the balance bikes to the deck to teach Mila how to ride. She liked it!  But was more interested in trying to hold ALL THE TOYS and keep them from Leo.

Contemplating this new brother- sister relationship. 

The three amigos slowly dismantled the house while I attempted to make dinner.

Help with dinner prep...

Austin finally came home and dinner was eventually served. Bedtimes have been going well and overall everyone is getting along. Looking forward to learning a little more of our new normal tomorrow. 

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