Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 5, 2015

Mila cried on and off last night. Austin would pat her back to sleep each time. After several of these times, she finally ended up in our bed between us. She's slept there before but seemed uncomfortable with her level of dislike for me so we hadn't pushed co sleeping again. Last night seemed a little different. She slept soundly and actually slept in until 8 am. As Mila awoke, she noticed me next to her and didn't immediately start crying or push away. I didn't try to cuddle her or touch her- basically I just ignored her until Austin got up. He left to get in the shower after he was fairly confident that tears were not seconds away. I grabbed my iPad to check my emails and felt two almond shaped eyes watching my every move. Without looking at her, I flipped through photos of our trip and of the boys at home. After we flipped through photos, I pulled up a couple toddler games Corbin and Leo had enjoyed.  She was soon swiping her finger across the screen and grabbing my hand to push buttons. I think Austin was shocked to find her so happy when he came out of the bathroom!  

I continued to mostly ignore her as I pulled clothes out for Mila. I grabbed a clean diaper and held it up for her and she scooted to the floor and laid down. She let me change her diaper without Austin near by for the first time ever. I also got her dressed.

After we were all ready, we went to breakfast. Mila continued her happy mood and eagerly ate from the spoon of food I offered to her. Austin got up to get something and she whimpered a bit and looked at me nervously. Thankfully a group of women monks came over to our table and tried to get Mila to play with them. In true Chinese fashion,  they noticed her playing with a butter knife and freaked out - pulling it away and scolding me. I smiled as they left and as Mila leaned away from them and closer to me. She continued to happily eat her breakfast once they were gone.

It was another rainy day but we decided to set out for the new part of town, near the U.S. Consulate. We had a cold, wet walk to the metro station and then a long ride in a completely full metro (plus a line change) but we arrived late morning. We don't have Internet access outside of the hotel and can't find a map so we had a screen shot I had taken earlier of the area to try to find our way.  We walked up and down the empty streets in the rain looking for a couple landmarks.  Sadly, we were completely turned around. We headed back where we came from and popped into a Starbucks to warm up.

 Mila had fallen asleep in the ergo (which meant I was carrying the sopping wet, folded up stroller all over Guangzhou!) so we dried off and re figured our plans. We wanted to get to the Guangzhou library and the museum next door and we knew we were close. After a few minutes of reading street signs through the windows, we were pretty sure we could get there but decided it was worth the couple bucks to take the metro to the exact stop. It ended up costing us 75 cents.   And we finally made it. 

The new GZ library is an architectural wonder.  It's supposed to look like stacks books from the outside and inside is comprised of towering glass windows. Half of the city was at the library on this rainy Saturday!  

We found the 'parent and child picture book reading level' (that's really want what it was called) and walked Mila through. She was pretty overwhelmed but checked out a few books.

We headed next door to the Guangzhou museum- free to visit but you must show your passport!  Another giant, interesting architecture building.  

Actually there are many amazing buildings in the 'new town' including the famous Canton Tower.

We might check that out another day.

The museum was really nice... But we had a three year old with us and most of the exhibits where in Chinese.  So we didn't stay too long. We loved the guilded carved wood exhibit though.

Mila was still being fairly friendly to me- allowing me to play with her hand and granting me a few smiles. She is more and more 'herself' I suppose- she's goofy and a little naughty (Austin would say a lot naughty). She babbles and grins.  And she discovered that I am the keeper of the almighty iPhone. I won major points by letting her hold it and turn Siri on and off while we walked through the museum. She even figured out how to take a selfie!

We headed home-  long and wet ride and walk - but we made it. Our feet are sore tonight!  Mila's good mood only improved so Austin convinced her to try a lollypop- something she had refused and cried over before.  Success!

Maybe it was the extra burst of sugar or just the decision that we weren't so bad after all, but she started talking to us!  We rough translated a few of her phrases.  She would collect her toys and pile them on my lap and say "ha! Guan ha!" Which we think is like saying "hold this- I'll come back."  (Rough translation is the operative word). We played this game a bunch and I got her bottle ready.  I sat down to hand it to Austin and Mila sidled up to me and drank her bottle while I was holding it!  Granted, it wasn't a cuddly, Mila tucked into my arms as she looked lovingly into her mama's eyes moment but nonetheless, she allowed me to give her her bottle and didn't act afraid or sad once. 

We ran up to the lounge for a quick dinner and Mila was happy to walk with us (instead of needing Austin to carry her). She hopped on the elevator (literally- the crack between the elevator and the floor looks huge to a tiny three year old) and enjoyed more bone broth for dinner (she loves that stuff!!) that Austin and I fed to her. 

We came back for bath and bedtime- she let me do the whole bath, putting her in the tub, washing her hair and playing with her, and picking her up and drying her off. (She accidentally turned on the shower with icy water and practically jumped into my arms.  Thankfully I had a towel ready!). She was so excited for lotion tonight- pointing at the bottle and rubbing it on her belly.  I almost have her trained to rub it in her face and say 'ahhh' just like her little brother does ("Mama- do ahhh!"). 

We played a little before bed, gave her a little Benadryl to help with the congested nose, and then watched her go berserk (sorry Danielle :( ). So we're skipping it tomorrow night and will deal with the stuffy nose another way!  Austin finally got her to sleep after a battle of rocking, patting, and telling her it was time to sleeeep.  

We're hoping tomorrow is dry enough for a trip to the safari park. Since my rain jacket didn't make the trip, I would love a sunny day!  

Hoping for more baby steps but thankful for the ones we've seen today. God is good, in the joy and the pain!

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  1. Praying for and celebrating the baby steps. You're doing wonderful! Love you.